Integrated Learning Therapy







Is your child:


  • Restless, fidgeting, easily distracted, always moving, impulsive?
  • Always falling, clumsy/ uncoordinated, and knocking things over accidentally?
  • Getting tired quickly, slouching, and leaning against objects?
  • Responding slowly to verbal commands or not responding at all?
  • Not tolerating light touch at all, reacting to touch by hitting/kicking?
  • Very emotional and frustrated when things are not right?
  • Refusing to cooperate, being stubborn or inflexible, and overreacting?
  • A fussy eater?
  • Already diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD?

For a child to successfully learn things such as riding a bicycle , cutting out forms neatly, or learning to read , it is essential that all the underlying systems of the child such as the vestibular system and, for example the tactile system, work well together.

If any of the descriptions in the list above is true of your child, systems like the vestibular system, proprioception, kinaesthesia, tactility and muscle tone may not be working together as they should. 

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