At Academix Excellence we are passionate about helping children, especially if they struggle at school and eventually end up having a poor self-image. We believe children should be helped to achieve success so that they can be confident, happy and also reach their potential.

Why Academix?

Research shows that most children struggle with reading, memory and concentration, therefore our program includes different reading techniques and games to enhance memory as well as concentration. Children like to play games and several games are included in the program to practice several skills, so they don't even realise that they are learning while playing the games. 

According to an article by Leanne Jansen, dated 22 October 2013, a study found that only 5% of Grade 5 pupils could read at the required rate of 80 to 90 words a minute. In the urban Grade 2 classrooms studied recently, it was found that while the average eight-year-old should be reading 58 words a minute by the end of the second term, and 71 words a minute by the end of the fourth term, this was not the case.

Instead, when the reading fluency of the top three pupils in each class was observed, researchers found that most were reading only between 20 and 29 words a minute. (

Reading forms the basis of learning, so if a child cannot read well, learning is severely affected. 

What is Academix?

Academix is a comprehensive educational software program that addresses visual perception and reading development problems. A child needs to be prepared for reading from an early age with several exercises, which include visual perception, sequence, memory, concentration etc. Academix addresses the following areas:

  • Visual Discrimination
  • Sequencing
  • Analysis and Synthesis
  • Concentration
  • Reading techniques (9 different techniques such as eye movement, mark and fixation reading techniques)
  • Memory
  • Comprehension
  • Letter recognition
  • Spelling
  • Grammatical concepts like plurals, synonyms and antonyms
  • Word construction
  • Sentence construction
  • The facility for teachers and parents to edit/add reading lessons.
  • Eye span exercises
  • Eye movement exercises
  • Word sums (1500 word sums from grade 1 to grade 7 levels are included)

The program has lessons in Afrikaans and English with grammar exercises mostly in the form of games.

How does the business opportunity work?

You can test the reading speed of children for free and help those that read below their level with reading lessons. You set the fee for the reading lessons according to the area you live in, this is your decision. Unlke most other reading lesson providers, there is no royalties or yearly fees payable to Academix Excellence, only a once-off amount payable. Another unique feature of Academix Excellence is that it doesn't only provide the program, but also provide you with a proven method to help children to read better, which includes some basic exercises that assist with neurodevelopment necessary for reading.

You will be able to assist children and their parents, if necessary, by also scanning in school material they need to study for them to read during reading lessons, which will help them with studying as well. You choose whether you want to render this service and what the charge for it will be. 

What does it cost?

If you install it on 1 computer the cost is R3999.00. This includes the Academix program with unlimited users that can be added, so that each child will have his/her own username and statistics of reading can be stored and printed for that child. The statistics will be used for feedback reports to the parents. If you want to use more than one computer for reading lessons, then a quote will be provided on request as the licensing costs per computer decreases with an increasing amount of computers.

How do I order?

Complete the order form in Documents & Brochures and email it email to


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