Academix Excellence’s mission is to help children develop to their full potential so that they can excel in all areas of life.

Many children do not read on the correct level for their age, and teachers do not have the time to pay individual attention to every student who struggles to read. Reading forms the basis for all learning. If a child struggles with reading he or she will struggle with all subjects, including word sums in Mathematics. A reading problem will therefore influence the child’s ability to perform well in all the subjects.

To empower children to improve reading we use the Academix software package which contains reading lessons in Afrikaans and English, games to improve memory and concentration and a lot more.

The company was founded by Adie van Rensburg who initially studied Education (B.Ed) and taught at different schools for several years. The fact that some children have learning difficulties and others don’t, was perplexing and she investigated it further. She then also qualified as an Integrated Learning Therapy Practitioner to address learning and behavioural problems in children.



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