Academix Excellence’s mission is to help people develop to their full potential so that they can excel in all areas of life. We assist children with learning and reading problems and also prepare kids and adults for a career in programming. We further assist people with limited financial resources to become financially independent through sales training and also through building their income using the best income-building tools available to us.

There are many problems that we face today, such as poor education, overcrowded classrooms, lack of educational resources, lack of jobs, all of which eventually lead to poverty and crime. This is why Academix Excellence firstly address reading and learning problems in children and further teach them to code. There is a worldwide demand for programmers in different areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, natural language processing and more. To prepare children for the jobs of the future we need to teach them how to code.

Coding develops children by teaching them how to think logically, solve problems, improve their mathematics and writing skills and also teaches them valuable skills for life.  We use a mentor-based online teaching methodology to teach coding as this is the most effective way to achieve excellent results.

A huge problem society face today is the increasing cost of food and other necessities whilst economic difficulties cause many to lose their jobs. We address poverty by using income-building tools and train unemployed youth how to use and promote these tools for their own and other’s financial benefit. This leads to a reduction in crime as people become financially independent.





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